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You are viewing the contemporary Red Rag Modern Art Gallery page for paintings of Figures by the best of Modern artists. We offer a great choice of Modern art and Modern Figurative paintings by leading contemporary Modern artists.

Our selection of Modern paintings featuring Figures is easy to view - simply click on the artist name. If you want further details such as size and price for each contemporary painting then click on the individual image for the piece of art which is of interest

All the contemporary paintings of Figures listed have been obtained at the art studio of the Modern artist. We can therefore guarantee all Red Rag Gallery paintings are genuine pieces of contemporary art from the artist.

Red Rag Gallery is open seven days a week promoting and selling contemporary Modern Art. There is also a worldwide art shipment service for all purchases of Modern contemporary paintings.

If you would like to purchase or require further information about contemporary paintings of Figures from Red Rag please email the gallery or

CALL US NOW on 01451 832563 or outside the UK + 44 1451 832563

Michael ALFORD Michael ALFORD - Passacaglia 1
Vanessa BOWMAN Vanessa BOWMAN - Spring Gardeners
Judith BRIDGLAND Judith BRIDGLAND - Blue Summer Sky with Pink Rhododendrons
Stephen BROWN RBA Stephen BROWN RBA - Summer at Sidmouth
Stuart BUCHANAN Stuart BUCHANAN - Aurora
Terence CLARKE Terence CLARKE - Rocks and Pines Esterel
Tomas CLAYTON Tomas CLAYTON - The Grand Canyon
David COBLEY David COBLEY - The Relationship
Marion DRUMMOND Marion DRUMMOND - Pink Roses and Porcelain
David FARREN David FARREN - Deep in Thought, Albert Square, Manchester
Peter FOYLE Peter FOYLE - Café, Arles
Simon GARDEN Simon GARDEN - Lucky Man
Joan GILLESPIE Joan GILLESPIE - Bather by the Window
Charles HARDAKER Charles HARDAKER - The Scholar
Sasha HARDING Sasha HARDING - Getting ready for Sea
Joe HARGAN Joe HARGAN - Little Voice
Amanda HOSKIN Amanda HOSKIN - Crystal Clear Seas, Trowan Cliff near St Ives
Nagib KARSAN Nagib KARSAN - Westminster Bridge
John KINGSLEY John KINGSLEY - Afternoon Shadows, Bastia, Corsica
Andrew MACARA Andrew MACARA  - Snowballers, Normanton Park, Derby
Stephen MANGAN Stephen MANGAN - Galleon
Ian McWHINNIE Ian McWHINNIE - Portrait with Green Vase
Catriona MILLAR Catriona MILLAR - Venetia and Little Wing
Morag MUIR Morag MUIR - Royal Mail
Steven OUTRAM Steven OUTRAM - Into the Valley
Shanti PANCHAL Shanti PANCHAL - By the Window
Rex PRESTON Rex PRESTON - Sennen Beach
Endre RODER Endre RODER - Ra-Ra
Ann SHRAGER Ann SHRAGER - Washing the Elephant
Helen TABOR Helen TABOR - Sleeping Clown
George UNDERWOOD George UNDERWOOD - Portrait of a Warrior
Jane WINTON Jane WINTON - Prancing Ponies
Ian WINTON Ian WINTON - Olympian
red rag contemporary Modern art gallery

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