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This is the Seascape art page from Red Rag Modern Art Gallery featuring the best in contemporary Modern art. Throughout the year Red Rag features Modern art from artists who specialise in creating fine Seascape paintings. Today is no exception you will find Red Rag Modern Art Gallery has an extensive collection of Seascape art and paintings by leading contemporary artists.

Human beings have always had an intimate relationship with the water. Given the amount of the earth’s surface which is covered in water and the often unpredictable and life-changing nature of the sea, it is little wonder that seascapes have been such a popular subject for so long and no surprise that seascape paintings have an important place in the history of art.

Seascape paintings have a long history in both the Eastern and Western worlds.The walls of homes have been adorned with seascape paintings since the art of the secular painting first began to overtake religious works in numbers and importance.

As a country with an extensive coastline, paintings of seascapes have always had a special attraction to Modern artists. All the seascape paintings at Red Rag showcase the talent of Modern painters and their ability to depict changing light on water and rapidly altering climatic conditions. Many of the Modern artists who have painted these seascape paintings are also talented landscape painters, or worked in other genres as well as seascapes, such as still life or portraiture.

Michael ALFORD Michael ALFORD - Summer Reading II
Jo BEMIS Jo BEMIS - Storm Wave
Judith BRIDGLAND Judith BRIDGLAND - Grasses on the Beach, Harris
Stephen BROWN RBA Stephen BROWN RBA - The Yacht Club
Stuart BUCHANAN Stuart BUCHANAN - Deep Blue Sea
Colin CARRUTHERS Colin CARRUTHERS - Early Morning, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat
Terence CLARKE Terence CLARKE - The Cliffs at Collioure
Simon GARDEN Simon GARDEN - Coast Path
Nael HANNA Nael HANNA - White Waves, West Coast Scotland
Sasha HARDING Sasha HARDING - Fetch, St Michaels Mount
Amanda HOSKIN Amanda HOSKIN - A Bluebell Path, Looking Towards The Dodman
Jennifer IRVINE Jennifer IRVINE - Isle of Tiree, Cornaigmore
Charles JAMIESON Charles JAMIESON - Limni, Evvia, Greece
Nagib KARSAN Nagib KARSAN - Over the Rooftops and out to Sea, Port Isaac
Robert KELSEY Robert KELSEY - The Sound of Iona
John KINGSLEY John KINGSLEY - Coastal Pines, Cap Ferrat
Morag MUIR Morag MUIR - The Golden Time
Stephen John OWEN Stephen John OWEN - Coast, Porth Dafarch
Rex PRESTON Rex PRESTON - Footpath to Portheras, Cornwall
Donald PROVAN Donald PROVAN - Pale Sea
Endre RODER Endre RODER - Party Hats
Ann SHRAGER Ann SHRAGER - Four Figures on the Beach
Helen TABOR Helen TABOR - Watching the Waves
Nancy TURNBULL Nancy TURNBULL - Shore at Port Charlotte
Nicola WAKELING Nicola WAKELING - Bright Day, Grenitote
Ian WINTON Ian WINTON - Coney Island Lifeguard
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British Art - Seascape

Scottish Art - Seascape

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